SN200G Frequency Inverter Series

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Safesav 0.75kw~400kw 50/60HZ Single phase/Three phase 220V/380V power supply VFD for Water pump

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  • 0.4kw-75kw 3-phase220V
  • 0.75kw-400kw 3-phase380V
  • 0.75kw-450kw 3-phase480V

Product Overview 

SN200G is a high performance vector inverter for general purpose with low speed and high torque output. It has very dynamic characteristics, providing rich expanding supports. (It supports PG cards, terminal expansion cards, professional special machinery cards and a variety of communication protocol cards). SN200G has expanded the control functions for the closed-loop vector, optimized the performance of DSP main control, and provides more expanding supports in this business. 








 Rich expanding supports:

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 Product Selection:

Model Mechanical Type Rated power Input current Output current
SN200G-0R4GB-T2 Three-phasePower Supply220V,50/60hz 0.4KW 3.4A 2.1A
SN200G-0R7GB-T2 0.75kw 5A 3.8A
SN200G-1R5GB-T2 1.5kw 5.8A 5.1A
SN200G-2R2GB-T2 2.2kw 10.5A 9.0A
SN200G-3R7GB-T2 3.7kw 14.6A 13.0A
SN200G-5R5GB-T2 5.5kw 26A 25.0A
SN200G-7R5GB-T2 7.5kw 35A 32.0A
SN200G-11GB-T2 11kw 46.5A 45.0A
SN200G-15GB-T2 15kw 62A 60.0A
SN200G-18R5GB-T2 18.5kw 76A 75.0A
SN200G-22GB-T2 22kw 92A 91.0A
SN200G-30GB-T2 30kw 113A 112.0A
SN200G-37GB-T2 37kw 157A 150.0A
SN200G-45GB-T2 45kw 180A 176.0A
SN200G-55GB-T2 55kw 214A 210.0A
SN200G-75GB-T2 75kw 307A 304.0A

Model Mechanical Type Rated power Input current Output current
SN200G-0R7GB-T4 Three-phasePower Supply220V,50/60hz 0.75KW 3.4A 2.1A
SN200G-1R5GB-T4 1.5KW 5.0A 3.8A
SN200G-2R2GB-T4 2.2KW 5.8A 5.1A
SN200G-3R7GB-T4 3.7KW 10.5A 9.0A
SN200G-5R5GB-T4 5.5KW 14.6A 13.0A
SN200G-7R5GB-T4 7.5KW 20.5A 17.0A
SN200G-11GB-T4 11KW 26.0A 25.0A
SN200G-15GB-T4 15KW 35.0A 32.0A
SN200G-18R5GB-T4 18.5KW 38.5A 37.0A
SN200G-22GB-T4 22KW 46.5A 45.0A
SN200G-30GB-T4 30KW 62.0A 60.0A
SN200G-37GB-T4 37KW 76.0A 75.0A
SN200G-45GB-T4 45KW 92.0A 91.0A
SN200G-55GB-T4 55KW 113.0A 112.0A
SN200G-75GB-T4 75KW 157.0A 150.0A
SN200G-90GB-T4 90KW 180.0A 176.0A
SN200G-110GB-T4 110KW 214.0A 210.0A
SN200G-132GB-T4 132KW 256.0A 253.0A
SN200G-160GB-T4 160KW 307.0A 304.0A
SN200G-200GB-T4 200KW 385.0A 377.0A
SN200G-220GB-T4 220KW 430.0A 426.0A
SN200G-250GB-T4 250KW 468.0A 465.0A
SN200G-280GB-T4 280KW 525.0A 520.0A
SN200G-315GB-T4 315KW 590.0A 585.0A
SN200G-355GB-T4 355KW 665.0A 650.0A
SN200G-400GB-T4 400KW 785.0A 725.0A

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1. SN200G series frequency inverter              Download Link
2. Instruction Manual-SN200G                      Download Link

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