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VFM Series Variable Frequency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor


The VFM series variable frequency three-phase asynchronous motor is a fullyenclosed independent cooling fan structured motor produced by our company.The frequency converter can achieve stepless speed regulation of the power supply.achieving the purpose of energy conservation and automation control. lt is currentlyone of the advanced AC speed regulation systems, and its power and installation sizecomply with lEC standards. lt is the same as the EM2 series three-phase asynchronousmotor and can be matched with various SPWM frequency conversion devices athome and abroad.

Product Features

1) The novel style of the junction box, base, end cover, and fan cover is conducive to noisereduction and ventilation

2) The motor adopts a thermal rating of 155 (F)insulation system to extend its service life

3) The working system is S1, the cooling method lC411, and the shell protection level lP55 or lP56

4) lt bears excellent starting characteristics.

5) lt features low temperature rise, high reliability, high efficiency, strong energy conservation,good safety, strong environmental protection, and nice appearance.

6) lt also features high speed regulation accuracy, wide speed regulation range, low vibration.and easy to achieve various automatic controls.

Working Conditions 

a) Temperature: The ambient air temperature varies with the season, but the highest temperatureis+40°C, and the lowest temperature of the ambient air is -15C.

b)Altitude: not exceeding 1000mNote: When the ambient air temperature and altitude are different from the above regulations.the provisions ofIEC60034-1 shall apply.

c)Humidity: The average highest relative humidity in the wettest month is 90%, and the averagelowest temperature in that month is not higher than 25 C

d) Rated frequency:50Hz.

e)Working system: S1

f) Rated voltage: 380VNote: When there are special requirements for frequency, voltage, ambient air temperature.altitude,etc..please provide them when placing an order.

VFM Product performance data

VFM Outline mounting dimension drawing data(B3)

VFM Outline mounting dimension drawing data(B35)

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