A new generation of inverters, enabling the rapid development of industrial automation with high efficiency

Some time ago, the US chip bill came to an end. The bill includes US$52.7 billion in subsidies for the local chip industry and US$24 billion in four-year 25% tax credits. Companies receiving US government subsidies cannot develop precision in mainland China within 10 years. Manufacture of chips. The promulgation and implementation of this bill is obviously another choking strategy for my country's core manufacturing industry.
In recent years, driven by the background of "manufacturing power" and the state's policy of encouraging independent technology research and development, a group of domestic manufacturers that master key technologies and have bargaining power for upstream raw material procurement have emerged in an attempt to break the US's indulgence in some key technologies in the industrial manufacturing field. Monopoly and blockade contribute to China's industrial automation process. For example, Shenzhen Fuxing Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. has created a "Chinese core" for motor control through major breakthroughs in core technologies such as electronic centrifugal switch frequency conversion modules, leading the technological revolution of industrial controllers!

In the field of frequency converter technology, with the application of high-performance microprocessors and the development of control technology, as well as the complex use of frequency converters and the need for professional operation, industrial equipment such as cranes and water pumps have an increasing demand for frequency converters. The pursuit of small size and weight, high performance, ease of use and pollution-free.

Based on the application requirements of the inverter industry, Fuxing Weiye improved the inverter and launched a new generation of inverter, which is the world's first simple "inverter" with small size, low cost, simple operation, IP waterproof 55, and high consistency , also known as frequency conversion module, specifically, it has the following five core advantages:
One is simple frequency conversion, which converts single-phase AC input into three-phase AC output, helping the motor to better reduce costs and improve efficiency; the second is simple application, only need power cord or motor cable, no manual testing is required; the third is customization The fourth is IP55 waterproof, which can effectively prevent the jet water from invading the electrical appliance and cause damage to it; the fifth is the small size, which reduces unnecessary space waste for the product.
The intelligent transformation and rapid development of China's industrial manufacturing requires high-tech equipment. Cranes are one of the important equipment for industrial automation and an important tool for building China's infrastructure system. There are many types of cranes, mainly used in many docks, ports and offshore construction sites, as well as urban construction sites, large factories and other sites. From the perspective of the development of the entire crane industry, customers need more intelligent and energy-saving cranes to complete complex operations more efficiently.
Fuxing Weiye frequency conversion module can realize the high-efficiency and accurate operation of the crane, and solve the complex problems of installation and use. It can cope with harsh environments for a long time and reduce the operating cost of customers in the product life cycle. In addition to cranes, Fuxing Weiye frequency conversion modules have been widely used in water pumps, food machinery, centrifuges, textile machinery, garbage disposals, woodworking machinery, mixers and other industries, to achieve more value for many customers in the industry.
Innovation is the top priority for the survival and development of an enterprise. Founded in 2016, SAFESAV Electric has been deeply involved in the motor intelligent control industry for 6 years! It has been committed to the continuous breakthrough and application innovation of motor core technology, and has made good achievements in the field of motor start/drive control, creating a new era of intelligent control of industrial automation equipment.
In the future, SAFESAV Electric will put the company's development into the general trend of China's intelligent manufacturing era, and will continue to iterate key technologies based on market demand, promote the upgrading of automated industrial equipment, enhance the core competitiveness of industrial customer products, and promote the upgrading of equipment in the industrial field. , a new business card for China's industrial automation brand.
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