About adaptive motor

1)Standard adaptive motor is four-pole squirrel-cage asynchronous induction motor. If it’s not above motor, please select frequency convertor as per rated current of motor.

2)Cooling fan and rotor spindle of non-variable frequency motor is coaxial connection. If rotation speed reduces, cooling effect of fan will reduce, so the occasion of overheating motor should be installed with strong exhaust fan or changed to be variable frequency motor.

3)Standard parameters of adaptive motor have been built in frequency convertor. It’s necessary to identify motor parameters or modify default value based on actual situation to conform to actual value as far as possible, otherwise operation effect and protection performance may be affected.

4)Short circuit of cable or within motor can lead to alarm and even explosion of frequency convertor. Please firstly conduct insulation short-circuit test for initially installed motor and cable, and it’s also essential for daily maintenance. Please completely separate frequency convertor from tested part when conducting the test.