Advantages of soft starters:

①Small size and compact structure

②Complete functions, easy to realize automatic control

③Maintenance-free, safe and reliable

④Soft parking possible

⑤Easy to install and use

The soft start technology has a variety of starting methods, so that the relevant staff can choose the corresponding starting method according to the actual situation, so as to start the motor flexibly, avoiding the fixity of the traditional starting technology. Moreover, the soft start technology is relatively flexible and changeable, and the relevant staff can freely set the start parameters of the motor, so that the motor can achieve the best effect, ensure that the motor can be in the best operating state, and better protect related equipment . There are three most commonly used starting methods in soft start technology, namely current limiting start, soft start and pulse kick start. These three methods can be started in various situations, so that relevant staff can choose the appropriate starting method according to production needs.