The answer is yes. Below Safesav will explain to you why VFD can be used as a launcher.

1. Application of frequency converter in starter

The frequency converter is an electrical device that can control the speed of a motor. It has the advantages of adjustable output frequency and voltage, high-precision control, and low energy consumption. In some situations, the frequency converter can be used as a starter. For example, for equipment with high starting requirements under heavy load starting and low temperature conditions, using a frequency converter as a starter can better meet the needs. At the same time, the frequency converter can also withstand the impact of latent load startup.

2. Limitations of frequency converter as starter

Although frequency converters can be used as starters to a certain extent, there are currently many limitations. First of all, the ability of the frequency converter as a starter is limited by the bearing capacity of the motor. If the motor itself cannot withstand the impact of load starting, the frequency converter cannot function normally as a starter. Secondly, since the inverter requires a capacitor to start, the capacitor is easily damaged when starting with a high load. In addition, when the frequency converter is used as a starter, the starting time is long, and because the frequency converter will dynamically adjust the motor, some abnormalities are prone to occur during the process, which will adversely affect the operation of the equipment.

3. Issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing a frequency converter as a starter

If you need to use a frequency converter as a starter, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

(1). Determine whether the starting capability of the inverter is sufficient. When selecting an inverter for the motor, factors such as the starting current and torque of the motor need to be considered.

(2). The inverter should have good force-bearing capacity so that it can better withstand the impact when starting with high load.

(3). When using a frequency converter as a starter, correct settings and debugging of the frequency converter are required to ensure normal operation of the frequency converter.

(4). When the frequency converter starts the motor, adequate protection measures must be taken to prevent damage to the motor or other abnormalities.

To sum up, the frequency converter can be used as a starter, but in practical applications, it is necessary to pay attention to many aspects such as capacity matching, protection and debugging. To ensure safe operation of equipment, it should be fully evaluated and tested before use.