Can the power of the soft starter motherboard be changed?

Many people who repair or use soft starters may want to know whether the soft starter motherboard can modify the power. Because the soft starter often fails in the field, causing equipment downtime and affecting production. Customers are anxious. But there are motherboards of other specifications and models (referring to different power), but the power is different, and the motherboard hardware including external wiring is the same. But if it is used above, it will report a failure, or it will report a failure during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the parameters inside to adapt to the use of different motor powers.
So can the parameters be modified?
Most of the soft starters produced by manufacturers have the same hardware and software of the same series of motherboards. To change the power, some of them can be achieved by changing the potentiometer on the motherboard. Some of them need to be modified by modifying the parameters in the main board of the soft starter, but it is not so simple to modify these parameters. These parameters are factory parameters and users generally do not have the right to modify them. To modify them, they must know the password to enter to modify them. There are also some who may not have a password but need to know how to modify it, otherwise they cannot modify it. Some soft starters of other manufacturers have different software in different powers, which is not easy to modify.