Frequency converter helps sand dredger complete electrical control automation

1、 Preface

The sand suction pump is the main equipment of the drilling sand dredger. The sand or sludge is absorbed and towed by the sand suction pump, and then discharged to the designated position through the upper sand discharge pipe. After one second cleaning process, the sand finally becomes qualified, and then it is sent to the sand carrier through the conveyor belt. The equipment is mainly used in inland rivers, as well as in the dredging and sand taking projects of some coastal ports. Most of these sand mining vessels adopt mobile operation. The daily sand mining capacity of inland river sand dredgers ranges from tens to thousands of tons. Among these sand dredgers, the mechanization and automation of large river sand dredgers are extremely high. Usually, one ship can become a production unit, and the whole process of sand mining and sand stone separation can be carried out at the same time.

2、 Shortcomings of traditional bucket wheel

After analyzing the working conditions of the field equipment and the original control mode, our technicians summarized the following deficiencies:

1: The rotation speed of the bucket wheel needs to be adjusted manually according to the amount of sand mining, while the amount of sand in the sand pond is uncertain, which increases the labor intensity of the workers on site. Frequent manual operation will also bring instability of the system and affect the mechanical structure. Sometimes, due to inaccurate judgment of sand quantity in the sand basin, or manual negligence, the adjustment is not timely, resulting in too much sand in the wheel bucket and blocking the conveying motor.

2: The starting circuit of the equipment is complex, which is not only easy to produce fault points, but also has poor starting effect, which will affect the power supply and power generation equipment of the whole hull.

3: The original control method does not have the ability of speed self-adaptive and closed-loop control. Manual adjustment will inevitably cause overshoot and waste power, which increases the load of marine generator.

3、 Application of sn-200g frequency conversion transformation scheme

The main control part adopts sk-c series PLC and analog input and output module produced by Sanke to improve the collection and analysis of field signals. Due to the powerful computing power of sk-c, users can set various operation curves on the touch screen according to their own needs, and the rest can be adjusted by the system itself.

The touch screen of md204 series can not only switch the field control mode, but also observe and monitor the operation status of the equipment in real time. The driving part is completed by sn-200g series inverter of Hangzhou Sanke. In this way, the whole system can effectively solve the problems of soft start, wheel bucket speed regulation, electrical protection and so on.

4、 Advantages of sn-200g frequency conversion system

1. Stable operation: the system can automatically adjust the sand digging speed of the wheel bucket according to the sand mining amount to achieve closed-loop control, which will greatly reduce the failure caused by manual errors.

2. Labor saving: each ship has a total of eight wheel hoppers in front and back. In the past, it needed two operators to guard, but after the transformation, it no longer needed personnel to operate, thus directly saving two manpower.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: real time stable adjustment to reduce the wheel bucket sand dissatisfaction or idle state.

4. Strong adaptability: sn-200g bucket wheel machine frequency converter can be applied to all kinds of different power equipment, just need to adjust the torque to use.