How to choose a soft starter suitable for the motor

First, the starter is selected based on the nominal power, current and load properties of the motor. Generally, the capacity of the soft starter is slightly larger than the working current of the motor. For some heavy loads in the cement plant, it should be used in one gear, such as crushers, long belts, mixers, ball mills, hoists, fans, etc. Appropriate consideration of heat dissipation factors. In other respects, it is also necessary to consider whether the protection function is complete. Such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, single-phase grounding protection, upper and lower port open-phase protection, three-phase unbalance protection, phase reversal protection, etc. Without overload protection, it must be protected by another heating relay.
There is a large inrush current load during the transition process, which may lead to overcurrent protection action. At this time, the capacity of the soft starter can be appropriately enlarged.