The soft starter is easy to install and adjust, and all control connections and parameter adjustment are completed on the front. After installation, the soft starter can be easily modified by users, such as additional current limiting function and internal / external conversion selection. The soft starter can operate on line continuously without bypass. The soft starter has separate control relays for bypass and fault. All the parameters of the soft starter are set by three rotary potentiometers and a dip switch on the panel, which is intuitive and accurate. It can even work in applications with vibration and high ambient temperature. When the soft starter is used for internal connection, because the thyristor module bears the phase current of triangle connection, the soft starter with the same current can load 1.73 times larger motor than that of external connection. For example, a 58a S-type soft starter can load 100A motor in internal application.
In principle, cage asynchronous motor can be used in all kinds of applications where speed regulation is not required. The application range is 380V AC (or 660V), and the motor power ranges from several kilowatts to 800KW. Soft starter is especially suitable for all kinds of pump load or fan load, where soft start and soft stop are needed. It can be widely used in textile, metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment, shipping, transportation, medicine, food processing, mining and mechanical equipment industries.