Currently, there are many soft-start manufacturers on the market, and their types are also diverse. Safesav will tell you below, what are the types of soft-start?

Soft starter, also known as soft starter, motor soft starter, soft starter is a new type of starting equipment designed and manufactured with current international leading level using power electronics, micro-machining technology and modern control theory. It can be widely used in loads such as fans, water pumps, transportation and air compressors. It is an ideal replacement product for traditional star/delta conversion, auto-coupling voltage reduction, magnetic control voltage reduction and other voltage reduction equipment.

Most of the soft starters we see in the domestic market are divided into internal and external connections. The built-in bypass of the soft start means that the circuit breaker is directly connected to the soft start. There is a contactor inside, and the motor is directly connected below. The soft start external bypass means that the contactor and soft start are separated. Here is its classification:

1. Classification according to voltage: high voltage soft starter, low voltage soft starter;

2. According to the operation mode: online soft starter, bypass soft starter;

3. According to the load: standard soft starter, heavy-duty soft starter.

The role of the soft starter is only in the starting stage of the motor. After the motor enters power frequency operation, it generally needs to switch to the bypass contactor to work. Otherwise, the following situations will occur: Current passes through the soft starter for a long time, which will reduce the service life of the internal thyristor; Causes pollution to the front-end power supply and reduces power usage efficiency.