The frequency converter has a strong protection function, and the factors that cause damage to the pump, such as overload, overcurrent, stall, undervoltage, overvoltage, etc., can be protected in time to prevent the pump from burning out. The frequency converter makes the pump start softly, that is, the pump slowly increases the speed from 0 speed according to the acceleration time. In this way, the impact of high current when the pump starts is reduced, and the wear of the pump poles during rapid startup is also reduced. When the water pump is stopped, the frequency converter makes the water pump stop gradually according to the deceleration time. In this way, it reduces the water hammer caused by the water trapped in the pipe network due to sudden stop, which causes great damage to the pump.

What are the benefits of installing a VFD on a water pump?

First, the inverter has the characteristics of soft start, which can start slowly and reduce the impact, which can prolong the service life of the pump

Second, when the maximum water volume of the water pump is greater than the actual demand, it is easy for the water pipe to burst, which will increase our maintenance cost. Installing a frequency converter can reduce a lot of maintenance costs to a certain extent.

Third, the frequency converter has a sleep function, which controls the start and stop of the water pump through precise PID calculation. For example, when the water consumption is large, it can automatically pressurize, and when there is no water, it can automatically decompress until it goes to sleep. When you need water again, as long as you turn on the faucet, it will automatically wake up and start the water pump.