The frequency converter can control:

1. General purpose motor

This is used in occasions where the requirements for torque removal, speed, and precision are not high.

Used on fans and pumps, it has good energy saving and automatic control effects

2. Vector control inverter

Generally, it is used to control the frequency conversion special motor, or it can be a general-purpose motor

The characteristics of vector control have good control over large changes in torque and load, as well as speed and angular velocity accuracy.

3. Servo-controlled frequency converter

Generally, it is used to control the special frequency conversion motor. Compared with the vector, it has better control function and control effect, and of course it is more complicated.

It should also be noted that the frequency converter cannot be used to connect to single-phase motors. There is no frequency converter in the industry that can directly drive single-phase AC motors. Single-phase AC motors generally have capacitors, and the starting method itself works with frequency converters. The principle is contrary to the common sense, and it cannot be started normally at all. If only two phases of the inverter output are connected, the inverter will also be out of phase protection! Therefore, when selecting a frequency converter, attention should be paid to the voltage of the motor to avoid wrong ordering.