First of all, Safesav wants to popularize science with you about what is an AC motor?

Simply put, an "AC motor" is a machine used to convert mechanical energy and AC electrical energy into each other. Due to the tremendous development of AC power systems, AC motors have become the most commonly used motors.

Why AC motors need variable frequency drives

The use of variable frequency drives can control the motor, adjust the motor's speed, torque and power, while also improving the motor's efficiency and reducing energy consumption. In addition, the variable frequency drive can also realize soft start and soft stop of the motor, reduce the impact current when the motor starts, and extend the service life of the motor.

Frequency conversion technology is widely used in various motor control systems, such as air conditioners, elevators, wind power generation, water pumps, compressors, etc. In these application scenarios, frequency conversion technology can realize intelligent control of motors and improve the reliability and efficiency of equipment.