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440v 3-phase Neutral Line Filters


Product Introduction

1.Reducing the conducted emission from inverter to power network.
2. Exception attenuation performance from 1 50kHz- 30MHz
3. Compact, space-saving design, optimized forindustrial machinery
4.Increases also the immunity if operated directlyon the mains input
5.N99 for the use of copper bar, other terminals

Technical Data

1.Rated voltage: 440/250 VAC
2.Operating frequency: 50Hz
3.Rated current: 10A-600A ( @50C )
4.High potential test voltage : P-E 2100VDC/2sec P-P 2100VDC/2sec
5.Temperature range: -25C-100C (25/100/21)
6.Design correspondingto : IEC/EN 60939、UL1283
7.Typical work frequency : 1 50kHz~ 30MHz

Typical Applications

Mainly industrial equipment, machinery, machinetools and diverse process auto-mation systems with three-phase and neutral electricity supply. Due to the outstanding attenuation performance,The series is also the first choice for noisy power supplies, renewable energy applications, high power office equipment and further three-phase and neutral devices. Because of the relatively low leakage current,The series may even be used for some medical devices.

input filter attenuation

Filter Selection Table

Filter type Rated current @40°c[A] Leakage current @230VAC/50Hz[mA] Power loss @25°C/50Hz[W] Connector type
SKI4NC8N06 8 <1 3.2 solid safety connector
SKI4NC16N06 16 <1 6.5 sdlid safety connector
SKI4NC25N10 25 <1 11.8 solid safety connector
SKI4NC36N10 36 <1 15.3 sdlid safety connector
SKI4NC50N16 50 <1 17.4 solid safety connector
SKI4NC65N16 65 <1 18.9 solid safety connector
SKI4NC100N35 100 <1 23.6 solid safety connector
SKI4NC130N50 130 <1 28.5 sdlid safety connector
SKI4NC160N95 160 <1 31 solid safety connector
SKI4NC200N95 200 <1 47.4 sdlid safety connector
SKI4NC300N99 300 <1 20.3 copper bar
SKI4NC400N99 400 <1 36 copper bar
SKI4NC600N99 600 <1 64.8 copper bar

Product Size

Filter Input/output Connector Cross Sections

NO. Title Download Link
1. Filter         Download

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