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EMC Filter


Product Introduction

Reducing the conducted emission from inverter to power network.
Low cost design, reduce the cost of users
Improve the relibility of the whole system
Suitable for power electronic equipment such as inverter, converter, servo and so on.

Technical Data

Rated voltage: 440/250 VAC
Operating frequency: 50Hz
Rated current: 5A~1000A
High potential test voltage : P-E 2100VDC/2sec P-P 2100VDC/2sec
Temperature range: -25 C-100C (25/100/21)
T emperature range: IEC/EN 60939
Typical work frequency : 150kHz- 30MHz

Filter Selection Table

Drive power rating Rated voitage Rated current Input filter Output filter Connector type
1.5KW 440VAC 5A SKI24025-5 SKO24025-5 barrier terminal
3.7KW 440VAC 10A SKI24025-10 SKO24026-10 barrier terminal
7.5KW 440VAC 20A SKI24025-20 SKO24027-20 barrier terminal
11KW 440VAC 30A SKI24025-30 SKO24028-30 barrier terminal
18.5KW 440VAC 40A SKI24025-40 SKO24029-40 barrier terminal
22KW 440VAC 50A SKI24025-50 SKO24030-50 barrier terminal
30KW 440VAC 65A SKI24025-65 SKO24031-65 barrier terminal
37KW 440VAC 80A SKI24025-80 SKO24032-80 barrier terminal
45KW 440VAC 100A SKI24025-100 SKO24033-100 barrier terminal
55KW 440VAC 120A SKI24025-120 SKO24034-120 barrier terminal
75KW 440VAC 150A SKI24025-150 SKO24035-150 screw
90KW 440VAC 200A SKI24025-200 SKO24036-200 screw
110KW 440VAC 250A SKI24025-250 SKO24037-250 copper bar
160KW 440VAC 320A SKI24025-320 SKO24038-320 copper bar
200KW 440VAC 400A SKI24025-400 SKO24039-400 copper bar
315KW 440VAC 600A SKI24025-600 SKO24040-600 copper bar
400KW 440VAC 800A SKI24025-800 SKO24041-800 copper bar
500KW 440VAC 1000A SKI24025-1000 SKO24042-1000 copper bar

input filter attenuation

Product Size

NO. Title Download Link
1. Filter         Download

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