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Special Filter For 1140V Inverter


Product Introduction

1.Reducing the conducted emission from inverter to power network.
2.Improve the reliability of the whole system
3.Improve the relability of the whole system.
4.less than 100A filters, using solid safety connector, more than 1 50A filters, using copper bar.
5.Low leakage current,Lack of a phase, The maximum leakage current is 15.13mA (except P type).

Technical Data

1.Rated voltage: 1140/660 VAC
2.Rated frequency : 50Hz
3.Rated current: 20A~900A
4.High potential test voltage : P-E 4950VDC/60sec P-P 4950VDC/60sec
5.Temperature range: -25C ~100C (25/100/21)
6.Design correspondingto : IEC/EN 60939
7.Typical work frequency : 1 50kHz- 30MHz

Typical electrical schematic of input filter

Typical electrical schematic of output filter

Typical Applications

The series filter is mainly used in 1140V inverter, and other 1140V system. The P series is used toconducted emission test, can not be used in the mine, otherwise may cause the electric leakageprotector to trip.

Input Filter Attenuation

Filter Selection Table

Adapter inverter parameter Filter type Rated current Connector code
Drive power rating Rated vllage Input fiter Output fiter
18.5kW 1140VAC SKI11C20N10 SKO11C20N10 20A N10
37kW 1140VAC SKI11C35N35 SKO11C35N35 35KW N35
55kW 1140VAC SKI11C60N35 SKO11C60N35 60A N35
75kW 1140VAC SKI11C80N35 SKO11C60N35 60A N35
132kW 1140VAC SKI11C100N35 SKO11C100N35 100A N35
150KW 1140VAC SKI11C100N35 SKO11C100N35 100A N35
185KW 1140VAC SK11C150N99 SKO11C150N99 150A
200kW 1140VAC SKI1 1C150N99 SKO11C150N99 150A
250kW 1140VAC SKI11C200N99 SKO11C200N99 200A
315kW 1140VAC SKI11C250N99 SKO11C250N99 250A
400kW 1140VAC SKI11C300N99 SKO11C300N99 300A
500kW 1140VAC SKI11C400N99 SKO11C400N99 400A
630kW 1140VAC SKI11C500N99 SKO11C500N99 500A
715kW 1140VAC SKI11C550N99 SKO11C550N99 550A
800kW 1140VAC SKI11C650N99 SKO11C650N99 650A
1000kW 1140VAC SKI11C800N99 SKO11C800N99 800A
1200kW 1140VAC SKI1 1C900N99 SKO11C900N99 900A

Product Size

Filter Input/output Connector Cross Sections

NO. Title Download Link
1. Filter         Download

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