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Bypass built -in 220v single phase ac motor soft starter

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Product overview

Base on our rich experience in industry application and deep understanding of customers' needs, it is researched and developed an all digital intelligent motor controller and motor protector. New functions are added to improve the reliability and convenience of customer applications.

SSR series soft starter are all digital motor soft start products, It may control the motor started and stopped on a smooth speed changing, It also offers the best protections to motor and itself. It is the better substitute control method to the traditional A-Y motor start and auto transformer start Control.

SSR series soft starter adopting RS 485 communication interface, support Modbus protocol. It is suited for the industry bus monitoring and control, and widely used on textile, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipping, transportation, medicine, food processing, mining and mechanical equipments. 


● Three-phase control 

● Wide range voltage 200-500VAC

● Optional control voltage 24VDC

● Rated current 1.5-7.5A(Inner connection Max 125A)

● Optional internal wiring or external wiring

● Reinforced protective coating of the control board

● Integrate construction, protection grade IP42

● Direct ptentionmeter setting, easier to set

● Full-range built-in bypass, easy to install, low energy consumption

● Modbus RTU used for monitoring

● Support common communication protocols

● Built-in motor protection

Internal Analytic Diagram 


Internal control diagram

Soft starter wiring mode

Application Diagram

Rated current 

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1. SAFESAVE Selection Guide of SSR Series Softstarter Download Link
2. User Manual Of SSR series Soft Starter Download Link
3. SAFESAVE SSR Series Softstarter catalog Download Link

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