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CJX2-F Series AC Contactor


Product Overview 

CJX2 series AC contactor is applicable to circuit of AC 50Hz (or 60Hz) rated operating voltage 1000V, current 6-800A. 

It controls AC motor for a motor or a long-distance breaking circuit which starts frequently. Combined with an appropriate thermal overload relay, 

the contactor can work as an electromagnetic starter to protect a circuit that may operate at an overload.

Product Features 

It features ingenious and compacted structure ,function modularization and three-dimensional layout in building-block assembly. The actuating mechanism of the contacor is straight moving type, and the contact is double breakpoint. The mechanical interlocking mechanism can be integrated between two contactors to form a mechanical chain contactor (reversible changeover contactor). 

Applicable working environment 

◎Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃,averagely +35℃ within 24 hours ; 

◎Altitude: less than 2000m; 

◎Humidity: relative humidity is less than 50% at the temperature of +40℃; a higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature. The lowest monthly average temperature must be lower than 25℃ in the dampest month and the highest relative humidity should not exceed 90% in the same month. Measures must be taken when condensation happens to the product due to the change of the temperature. 

◎ Pollution-resistance Degree : 3 

◎ Installation Category: III 

◎Installation condition: the angle between mounting surface and the vertical surface should not be greater than ±5° 

◎Shock and vibration: products should be installed and used without significant shake, shock or vibration.

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