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We adopt advanced technology design and development of new type pf circuit breaker. The product has small volume, high breaking capacity and arc-extinguishing medium. M7 can also be used for un-frequent start, overload, short-circuit and voltage absent protection . M7 Series molded case circuit breaker(hereafter refer to as simply breaker), whose insulated voltages 800V, suitable for conversion and starting a motor not frequently in the circuit of 50Hz AC(or 660Hz) rated working voltage 690V, rated working current up to 1250A. The breaker have overload, short circuit and under-voltage protection device, which protects the circuit and power equipment against damage. The breaker can be installed vertically (upright) as well as horizontally (crosswise).

Functions and Characteristics
Normal application environment Altitude≤2000m
Ambient temperature -5 ~ +40
Kept in media without explosive hazard
There is no conduction dust or gas which is able to erode metal or destroy insulation.
Kept in the place where no sleet will attack.

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1. SMS7 Series Download Link

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