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SN160MN Series Economic Frequency Inverter 1.5-2.2 kw


Product Description

A new generation of general -purpose frequency inverter SN160MN is used to control asynchronous AC induction Motors.

The product adopts space voltage vector control technology and DSP control system to strengthen the reliability and stability of the product.It also has the following features:

Two control modes: V/F control, sensorless vector control

Automatic torque boost and slip compensation

Starting 0. 5Hz provides 150% torque

Stable operation in full speed range, steady speed accuracy <0. 5%

Adapt to grid voltage range 200V ~ 460V

Anti-electromagnetic interference ability conforms to 1EC 61800-3:C3 standard

The circuit board is coated with conformal coating to resist dust, heat, moisture and corrosion, etc.

Built-in RS485 communication

Support external keyboard

Model Descriptions

Product Specification

General Specifications

Functional Specifications

Installation Dimension

Control Terminal

Operation Panel

Standard Wiring Diagram

Advantageous Characteristics

Braking Resistor Selection Table

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1. SAFESAV SN160MN series VFD catalog       Download Link

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