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Product Overview

SST series of soft starters integrated with built-in bypass can greatly reduce the construction cost in its application. It adopts top branded components like SCR module made by German SEMIKRON and the main control chip DP by Italian STMicroelectronics. It features alloyed body design with high strength, control unit with internal power supply design, set-free rapid deployment, and the compacted configuration. The applicable standards : IEC60947-4-2:2002

 Product Features

1. Built-in bypass contactor ( Timesaving, laborsaving and space saving due to needless installation of external bypass contactor.)

2. Top branded components (It adopts branded components like SCR module made by German SEMIKRON and the main control chip DP by Italian STMicroelectronics.)

3. Alloyed body design with high strength. ( Elegant apperance due to wire drawing anodic oxidation techonology, high-strength aluminum body, no corrosion with acid and alkali salt spray.)

4. Control unit with internal power-supply design (Control unit can be used easily without independent power supply or even with no three-phase four-wire power.)

5. Set-free rapid deployment ( Be connected with no need to input the motor parameters, built-in intelligent procedures, or the preset parameters.)

6. Compacted size (The volume of the body is still reduced by 60% compared to the same type of products founded in the market even it is integrated with bypass contactor.)

Parameter of 230v 400v built in bypass soft starter

Model 230V/KW 400V/KW Rated Current (A)
SST-N5R5 3 5.5 13
SST-N7R5 4 7.5 17
SST-N11 5.5 11 25
SST-N15 7.5 15 32
SST-N18 7.5 18.5 37
SST-N22 11 22 45
SST-N30 15 30 60
SST-N37 18.5 37 75
SST-N45 22 45 90


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1. SST series motor starter Download Link
2. Instruction Manual-SST Download Link

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