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Frequency Inverter SN300


Product Profile

SN300 Series is a generally purposed frequency inverter.The voltage catagories include single phase 220V, three phase 220V, three phase 380V and three phase 460V and it covers full power range. lt is mainly applied to open loop vector of Asynchronous Motors(DTC),VF and closed-loop vector control.The frequency inverter SN300E series is derived from SN300. which combines the open-loop vector control and closed-loop vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Product Technique Specifications

Model Name Example:

Models of SN300

Installation Dimensions

Outline Drawing

SN300 Diagrams

Application of SN300 series

Magnetic Material Pressor(Charging and demagnetizing equipment)


Can be given any current and acceleration/deceleration current time through the panel or communication;

Stable output current, fast response speed, no overshoot.and high qualification rate of magnetic materials;

Low noise and low heat generation Easy installation and easy debugging;

Low coil power consumption and high energy-savingrate;

High reliability, with powerful protection functions: overcurrent overvoltage, overload,over temperature, undervoltage phase loss


Cold Chain Freezer Compressor Unit Technical Characteristics

Support single machine and parallel machine modes:

Support pressure feedback and exhaust temperature collection, with dual feedback of pressure and temperature,ensuring higher energy efficiency of the system while ensuring the target pressure:

Dedicated cold chain compressor control logic.including high pressure alarm, low pressure alarm,high temperature alarm, and low temperature alarm to ensure stable operation of the compressor unit system;

Dedicated valve control logic: pressure relief valve,spray valve, bypass valve:

Superior motor control algorithm, low control current, stable speed, and low noise.

High-protection level VFD SN300-SL

SN300-SL series frequency converter is an IP55 high protection level fully sealed frequency converter,using an IP67 high protection level fan. The entire series uses waterproof PG heads as wire holes,designed for harsh environments,and is resistant to conductive dust,metal shavings, oil stains,etc.Supports asynchronous synchronous motor control, mainly used in high-frequency grinding machines,graphite crucible automatic filling machines, water jet weaving machines,etc.

SN300 E-SL series is applied to the permanent magnet synchronous machines.

Brands of Main Parts

Customization for Dedicated Machine

Customization of specialized industry functions according to industry requirements , customization of functional parameters , simple debugging, and fast maintenance;

Complete performance optimization according to industry requirements.shorten processing time and improve efficiency;

The hardware design is highly customized, with full utilization of hardware port resources and compact installation space, greatly reducing costs;

lmprove product recognition and strong uniqueness

Our Advantages

Rich industry experience and mastery of overall solutions across multiple industries

Capable of quickly responding to the needs of the industry's specialized motors andcompleting high-quality development and design tasks for specialized motors.

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