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Safesav 15kw 3 phase 380V input current 58A output 55A Frequency Inverter VFD for Water Pump


SN300 Series is a generally purposed frequency inverter.The voltage catagories include single phase 220V, three phase 220V, three phase 380V and three phase 460V and it covers full Asynchronous Motors(DTC),VF and closed-loop vector control.vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motors.which combines the open-loop vector control and closed-oop which combines the open-loop vector control and closed-oop The frequency inverter SN300E series is derived from SN300.

Product Technique Specifications

Items Specitications
The highest frequency Vector control:0~300Hz
VIF control:0~3200Hz
Carrier wave frequency 0.5kHz~16kHzThe carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics.
Input frequency resolution Digital setting:0.01HZ Analog setting: maximum trequencyx0.025%
Control mode Open loop vector control(SVC)
Closed loop vector control(FVC)
V/F control
Starting torque 0.5Hz/150%(SVC);0Hz/180%(FVC)
Speed adjusting range 1:100(SVC) 1:1000(FVC)
Accuracy of speed stablility ±0.5%(SVC) 1:1000(FVC)
Accuracy of torque control ±5%(FVC)
Overload capability 60s at 150%the rated current;3s at 180%the rated current
Torque lifting Automatic torque lifting:Manual torque lifting 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve 3 types:straight line, multipoint and N sub squre (1.2 power, 1.4 power, 1.6 power,1.8 power and 2 power)
V/F seperation 2types: full seperation and semi seperation
Acceleration and
deceleration curve
straight line or S curve 4 kinds of acceletration
and decelerration time:0.0-6500.0s
DC brak DC braking frequency:0.00Hz-maximum frequency
Braking time:0.0s-36.0s braking action current value:0.0%~100.0%
Jog brake Jog frequencyrange:0.00Hz-50.00Hz
Jog acceletation and deceleration time:0.0s~6500.0s.
Simple PLC,multi speed Up to 16 segments of speed operation through built-in PLC or control terminal
Built-in PID A closed loop control system for convenient realization of process control
Automatic voltage
When the voltage of the power grid changes, the output voltage can still keep constant.
Control of over-voltage,
overflow and stall
Automatic current and voltage limit during the operation to prevent tripping off due to frequent overflowing or over-voltage
Fast current limiting function Minimize overcurrent failure and protect the normal operation of the device
Torque limit and control Automatic torque limitation during operation to prevent frequent overcurrent and fault shutdown
Outstanding performance Implementing asynchronous and synchronous motor control with high performance current vector control technology
Nonstop at transient
Compensation for voltage reduction through load feedback energy during transient power outages to maintain the device to continue operating for a short period of time.
Fast current limit Avoiding frequent overcurrent faults in frequency converters
Virtual IO Five sets ot virtual terminals for simple logical control

Product Technique Specifications

Items Specitications
Timing controL Timing control function: Set the time range from 0.0Min to 6500.0Min
Multi motor switching IWO sets ot motor parameters can acnieve switcning control between two motors
Bus support Support for fieldbus:RS-485
Multi encoding support Supports encoders such as differential, open collector, UVW, rotary transformer, sine cosine,etc
Operating Command source Operation panel setting, control terminal setting, and serial communication port setting, which are switchable by different means.
Frequency source 10 types of frequency sources:digital setting, analog voltage setting. analog current setting, pulse setting and serial port setting, which are switchable.
Auxiliary frequency source 10 auxiiary frequency sources. Flexible implementation of auxiliary frequency fine tuning and frequency synthesis.
Input terminal Standard: 6 digital input terminals, one of which supports high-speedpulse input up to 100kHz Two analog input terminals, both of which support 0-10V voltage inputor 0-20mA current input
Output terminal Standard:1 high-speed pulse output terminal (optional open collector type), Support square wave signal output from 0 to 100kHz 1 digital output terminal and 2 relay output terminals 2 analog output terminals, supporting 0-20mA current output or 0-10V voltage output
Display and Keyboard Operation LED display Display parameter
Key locking and function selection Implement partial or complete locking of buttons, define the scope of action of some buttons to prevent misoperation
Protection function Short circuit detection for powered on motors, input/output phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection, etco
Using Enrivonment The place of use Indoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gases,flammable gases oil mist, water vapor, dripping water or salt, etc
Altitude <1000m
Ambient temperature -10°C~+40°C (if itis 40°C~50°C , please reduce the rating for use)
Humidity NO condensation of water droplets when it is less than 95%RH.
Vibration <5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage temperature -120"C~+60"C

Models of SN300

Model Rated input current(A) Rated output current(A) Adapted motor(kW)
S2:Single phase 220V;T2: Three phase 220V; T4: Three phase 380V
SN300-0.75G-S2 8.3 4 0.75
SN300-1.5G-S2 16 7.5 1.5
SN300-2.2G-S2 20 10 2.2
SN300-4.0G-S2 33 17 4
SN300-5.5G-S2 51 25 5.5
SN300-7.5G-S2 62 32 7.5
SN300-11G-S2 92 45 11
SN300-15G-S2 100 55 15
SN300-0.75G-T2 5 4 0.75
SN300-1.5G-T2 10 7.5 1.5
SN300-2.2G-T2 12 10 2.2
SN300-4.0G-T2 19 17 4
SN300-5.5G-T2 28 25 5.5
SN300-7.5G-T2 35 32 7.5
SN300-11G-T2 48 45 11
SN300-15G-T2 58 55 15
SN300-0.75G-T4 3.4 2.3 0.75
SN300-1.5G-T4 5 3.7 1.5
SN300-2.2G-T4 5.8 5 2.2
SN300-4.0G-T4 10 9 4
SN300-5.5G-T4 15.5 13 5.5
SN300-7.5G-T4 20.5 17 7.5
SN300-11G-T4 26 25 11
SN300-15G-T4 35 32 15
SN300-18.5G-T4 38.5 37 18.5
SN300-22G-T4 46.5 45 22
SN300-30G-T4 62 60 30
SN300-37G-T4 76 75 37
SN300-45G-T4 92 90 45
SN300-55G-T4 113 110 55
SN300-75G-T4 157 152 75
SN300-90G-T4 180 176 90
SN300-110G-T4 214 210 110
SN300-132G-T4 256 253 132
SN300-160G-T4 307 304 160
SN300-200G-T4 385 380 200
SN300-220G-T4 430 426 220
SN300-250G-T4 488 470 250
SN300-280G-T4 525 520 280
SN300-315G-T4 605 590 315
SN300-355G-T4 667 650 355
SN300-400G-T4 745 725 400
SN300-450G-T4 789 820 450

Product Technique Specifications

VFD Models D W1 H1 H W Outline Drawing aperture Gw (kg) Installati on mode
SN300-0.75G-S2 153 115 171.5 186 126 a 4.5 2.1 Mounted
SN300-5.5G-S2 172 131 243 256 146 a 5.5 4.5 Mounted
SN300-15G-T4 192 190 304 322 208 b 6.5 8.5 Mounted
SN300-30G-T4 230 200 418 430 283 b 6.5 18 Mounted
SN300-55G-T4 280 270 495 510 340 b 8 38 Mounted
SN300-90G-T4 297 334 645 671 395 c 12 65 Mounted
SN300-160G-T4 350 300 840 870 400 c 12 120 Mounted /Cabinet
SN300-250G-T4 375 250 932 966 569 c 12 160 Mounted /Cabinet
SN300-355G-T4 380 300 1130 1684 720 c 14 240
SN300-400G-T4 1620 Mounted

Models of SN300

Application of SN300 series

Magnetic Material Pressor(Charging and demagnetizing equipment)


  • Can be given any current and acceleration/deceleration and high qualification rate of magnetic materials;
  • Low noise and low heat generation Easy installation and easy debugging;
  • Low noise and low heat generation Easy installation and easy debugging;
  • Low coil power consumption and high energy-savingrate;
  • High reliability, with powerful protection functions: overcurrent overvoltage, overload, over temperature,undervoltage phase loss


Cold Chain Freezer Compressor Unit

Technical Characteristics

  • Support single machine and parallel machine modes:
  • Support pressure feedback and exhaust temperature collection, with dual feedback of pressure and temperature,ensuring higher energy efficiency of the system while ensuring the target pressure:
  • Dedicated cold chain compressor control logic,including high pressure alarm, low pressure alarm,high temperature alarm, and low temperature alarm to ensure stable operation of the compressor unit system;
  • Dedicated valve control logic: pressure relief valve,spray valve, bypass valve:
  • Superior motor control algorithm, low control current, stable speed, and low noise.

High-protection level VFD SN300-SL

SN300-SL series frequency converter is an IP55 high protection level fully sealed frequency converter,using an IP67 high protection level fan.The entire series uses waterproof PG heads as wire holes,designed for harsh environments. , and is resistant to conductive dust,metal shavings, oil stains, etc. Supports asynchronous synchronous motor control,mainly used in high-frequency grinding machines, graphite crucibleautomatic flling machines, water jet weavingmachines, etc.
SN300 E -SL series is applied to the . permanent magnet synchronous machines.

VFD Models Rated input current(A) Rated output Current(A) Adapted motor(kW) Cabinet drawing(mm)
S2:Single phase 220V;T2: Three phase 220V; T4: Three phase 380V
SN300-0.75G-S2-SL 8.3 4 0.75 A
SN300-1.5G-S2-SL 16 7.5 1.5
SN300-2.2G-S2-SL 20 10 2.2
SN300-4.0G-S2-SL 33 17 4 B
SN300-5.5G-S2-SL 51 25 5.5
SN300-7.5G-S2-SL 62 32 7.5
SN300-0.75G-T2-SL 5 4 0.75 A
SN300-1.5G-T2-SL 10 7.5 1.5
SN300-2.2G-T2-SL 12 10 2.2
SN300-4.0G-T2-SL 19 17 4 B
SN300-5.5G-T2-SL 28 25 5.5
SN300-7.5G-T2-SL 35 32 7.5
SN300-0.75G-T4-SL 3.4 2.3 0.75 A
SN300-1.5G-T4-SL 5 3.7 1.5
SN300-2.2G-T4-SL 5.8 5 2.2
SN300-4.0G-T4-SL 10 9 4
SN300-5.5G-T4-SL 15.5 13 5.5 B
SN300-7.5G-T4-SL 20.5 17 7.5
SN300-11G-T4-SL 26 25 11
SN300-15G-T4-SL 35 32 15

Quality assurance of genuine materials

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