SN360 Series

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NEW 380/220V Vector Frequency Inverter Solar VFD (AC drive)


Product Overview

SN360 series solar inverter was designed and developed according to the characteristic of the working principle of solar PV panels and power supply. It serves in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unreliable or unavaliable.


Specifications:(Important to understand the product)

1.Multiple input: Solar DC input 200-350V/400-750V;Single phase AC input 220V;Three phase AC input 220V/380V/480V.

2.Multiple output: Three phase AC output 220V/380V/480V.

3.Smart control:

*Self-adaptive Max power point(MPPT),efficiency 99%.

*Automatic regulation of motor speed and the water flow along with the intensity of sunlight.

*Automatic control with water level.Entering sleeping mode at high-water level and automatically restart at low-water level.

*Automatic control with sunlight.Entering sleeping mode with weak sunlight and automatically exits the sleeping mode when the sunlight is becoming stronger.

4.Protection: Over voltage,overload,over heat,dry-run motor protection.

5.Remote monitoring: RS485 communication port is available for pump controller or computer connection.

6.LED digital display: Convenient to understand the working state of the frequency inverter VFD and the devices,and to set the parameters when necessary.

Physical display of SN360 series solar frequency inverter

Solar Pump Irrigation System


Diagram of Solar Pumping System

Wiring Diagram 

Product selection

DC/AC input voltage 220V

DC/AC input voltage 380V/480V

Company Exhibition

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1. Instruction Manual-SN360 Vector Frequency Inverter      Download Link

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